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Abby is a Sonic Conceptual Performing Artist-Composer who believes in the power of music to inspire empathy and to change hearts and minds.

Get to know Henry Morales, our Winter/Spring 2017 development & communications Intern

Alejandra is a born and bred New Yorker working as a community organizer within the New York City housing rights movement.

Alethea is a Bronx-based dancer and choreographer.

Makeba Rainey is a Harlem native inspired by her community and fellow emerging visual and music artists.

Ingrid Romero is an artist, organizer and proud new yorker inspired by legacies of resistance, love and creativity.

Nikomeh is a Queer, Mad, Womxn of Color, an Ensemble Theatre Artist, Creative Producer (Nikomeh LLC) and Actorvist.

Elizabeth is multi-dimensional visual artist working with paint, photography, poetry, and sculpture. She uses arts as a tool for activism.

Candace is Head of Community at a podcasting startup by day and a poet by night and subway ride.

Stephanie is a queer Afro-Indigena Latina feminista poet, archivist, and reproductive justice activist+scholar.

Kearra is a Trinidadian photographer/visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Emilio works collaboratively to develop tools and facilitate experiences that explore forms of sharing and exchanging knowledge.

Black August Cocoon will celebrate Black August—an annual celebration of the African revolutionary struggle in the Americas—via month-long trainings and rituals.

Nayo is a multidisciplinary artist currently completing her masters degree in Africana Studies at New York University.

In the midst of an era fueled by generalizations and incendiary rhetoric, how do we share immigrant stories in a way that is reflective and representative of their complexity and humanity? We the News aims to amplify these unique stories…

Meet our 2017 Commissioned Artists, Fellows, and Artist-in-Residence.

Inspired by community run schools founded throughout Black American history, The Black School: Harlem is an experimental art school that combines art making workshops with presentations and group discussions on radical Black political theory.

Since 2014, ID Shop has operated as a facilitator, working with art and public institutions to support homeless and immigrant youth in the process of applying for government-issued identification (ID) cards.

The African proverb “ubuntu (uu-boon-tuu, Nguni-Bantu),” meaning humanity towards others, serves as the cornerstone for Tijay Mohammed’s residency project…

Get to know Curtis D. Young, SOAPBOX Co-Chair in 2015 and longtime LP supporter who officially joined The Laundromat Project’s Board of Directors in January 2017:   As a supporter of the arts, what do you feel is your connection to the arts? I’ve been a lover of the arts and culture from the moment I picked […]