10 Years in 10 Days: Latasha Diggs, 2011

I hope you will join me in helping The Laundromat Project’s Create Change program continue to support artists working within their communities. The Laundromat Project really opened my eyes to how much work and dedication is required to create art that involves one’s community.


In 2011, The Laundromat Project supported my project My Very Own Porch on Ipanema Corner, in which I paid homage and gave voice to Harlem, the neighborhood where I have lived since childhood. As a writer, vocalist, and sound artist using video documentary and oral history collection techniques, I was able to create a platform for my longtime neighbors to share their varying perspectives on the changing face of our neighborhood.


Having to see your neighbors everyday forces you to work harder and deep inside, and you know you cannot fail them. Find out more about my project with The LP, and about my other work as an artist here.


Help the Laundromat project continue to support community based art by joining the People Powered Challenge and making your donation below!


In community,

Latasha Diggs

2011 Create Change Artist-in-Residence