10 Years in 10 Days: Hatuey Ramos-Fermín and Elizabeth Hamby, 2012

For the past 3 years, we’ve been People Movers for The LP’s People-Powered Challenge. We support The LP because we believe in the inherent creativity of our neighbors, and we value the role of artists in building just, healthy, equitable communities.


Our relationship with the LP began in 2011 when Hatuey did a project called “EAsT Harlem,” at Taller Boricua for the exhibition “Barrio-O-Rama,” curated by Christine Licata. This collaborative curatorial art project investigated alternative solutions to the on-going challenge of fresh food access in East Harlem. And it created the opportunity for us to get to know The Laundromat Project through working with fellow LP artist Shani Peters.


As 2012 Create Change Artists-in-Residence, we did a project in our local laundromat in the Bronx called “Mind the Gap / La Brecha.” This project engaged our neighbors in different ways of understanding their relationship to the waterfront and exploring what they wanted this waterfront to look like if they could change it. We were able to have insightful conversations with our neighbors, children, elderly folks and everyone in between, and also connect those conversations to local activists advocating for better infrastructure and access to our waterfront.


The Laundromat Project gave us a platform to connect everyday people’s stories and visions to grassroots activist work to improve our community. Join us in helping The LP continue to support creative community leaders through collectively raising $40,000 by October 31 by donating below.


We believe in the potential of artists working alongside everyday people in public spaces. While supporting artists’ projects that are asking hard questions and celebrating neighbors, The Laundromat Project not only envisions but continues to work towards a more just world.


In community,

Hatuey Ramos-Fermín

2001 Create Change Artist-in-Residence and Director of Programs & Community Engagement


Elizabeth Hamby

2001 Create Change Artist-in-Residence and Artist and Urban Planner